We believe
in our Mission


  • (Ik Onkar) God is Oneness that permeates the entirety of creation and beyond
  • Jin Prem Kiyo Tin Hi Prabh Payo (Universal Love)
  • Manas ki Jaat Sabhe Eke Pehchanbo (Recognize human race as one)
  • Gender Equality – Guru Nanak introduced the concept of Sangat (holy congregation), where both men andwomen participate equally.

2) To help those in need

3) To provide help and guidance to enable those who may have drifted away from the Sikh Panth, toreturn.

4) To provide a place for education for the community in spiritual, ethical and other Sikh morals.

5) To provide a space where the community can gather for wholesome social interaction

6) Ultimately to promote the Sikh Religion, Sikh brotherhood and all aspects of Sikh culture includingteaching language, music and philosophies of The Sikhs

7) Provide Spiritual Guidance in Meditation

8) Community Sewa following the Principle of ‘Vand Shakana’, Sharing of food (Langar)


Gurdwara in the Making

Did you know...

The earliest history of Sikhs in Yukon goes well over a century, back to 1906.

About Us

We are a registered charity with the CRA.
Our aim is not only to help just our followers, but to serve our community as a whole. Here are some ways we hope to acheive this.

Poverty Alleviation

Providing Langer (Soup Kitchen) every evening, and donating to the Whitehorse Food Bank

Helping with mental health

Providing personal meditation guidance and spiritual guidance

Providing shelter

We have nine rooms available for people in need of short term housing at no cost.

Promote a drug and alcohol free lifestyle

Involving kids in sporting activities such as volleyball in the summer and outdoor winter activities like sledding at the Gurudawra location

Volunteer activities

Participating in volunteer activities, such as spring clean up

91678 Alaska Highway
Whitehorse, Yukon  Y1A 3E4

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Main Phone : 867-333-1469

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