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Building community with
Love in our Hearts!Harmony in our Homes!Peace in our World!

Building community with
Love in our Hearts!Harmony in our Homes!Peace in our World!

Its a blessing to have a gurudwara in Whitehorse. I first came to Whitehorse for work. I had a room but things didn’t work out so I had to leave the place. I had nowhere else to go. The first thing that came to my mind was gurudwara. They provided me food and shelter and in various other ways without any question by just seeing that I was in need. This is what they teach and do. I feel very blessed and it is a blessing for everyone in the place to have Sikh temple in Whitehorse.

Riya Kumari

Ek Onkar One creator

Ek Onkar            One creator

Thanks to the Gurudwara and the Sikh Community in Whitehorse, I was able to feel a part of an extended Family While going through difficult challenges. Where others would out cast and shame someone, the Sikhs were welcoming and offer support to all that are humble. I would recommend every one go to Temple (Gurudwara) at least once in their lifetime (especially for Langar).

April 1906, Sikh men in turbans sitting and standing on rocky bank with bags and supplies. Whitehorse, Yukon.

Morning prayers at Sikh temple provided a breath of fresh air and heart resonance. Great energies. A spiritual conversation with a Sikh ‘priest’(granthi ) last night and today provided a much needed reminder of who I am. Him spending time with me to breath and allow me to find my voice in safe space was priceless. He allowed me to practice with my voice/singing/throat while he did his morning warm-ups with a Sikh harmonium. I love the sound of this instrument and the idea of people breathing together in harmony with spirit! A place truly open to everyone.

Bonnie White

Place of worship, help with mental stress and provides shelter, I also stayed for 2 months when I was not able to find rental place anywhere in town, I go there every Sunday, do prayers in groups cook and eat food (Langer).

Navdeep Kaur

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